New Christmas Day NBA Jerseys

    As always, the NBA is planning a special night on Christmas, this time with everything going as planned instead of making it the season opener like last year, when the lockout ate up about a quarter of the season.

    So what will we have? The day will begin with the Brooklyn Nets hosting the Boston Celtics, with the NBA hoping to brew up another New York – Boston rivalry, this time with a different borough. Next up will be the New York Knicks, still undefeated at this point (4-0) travelling to LA and playing the Lakers, who are planned to be well above .500 at that point and hopefully, for them, a bit more accustomed to their new head coach, Mike D’Antoni.

    The big game of the day comes in the middle of the programming, at 5:30 PM Eastern time – a rematch of the NBA finals, as the Oklahoma City Thunder, adjusting to playing without James Harden heading to Miami and play the NBA Champions Miami Heat, where they lost three consecutive games in the Finals.

    James Harden himself comes up next as the Houston Rockets will be playing the Chicago Bulls, still without Derrick Rose at that point according to all projections. The night ends with the Los Angeles Clippers, currently the best team in LA, hosting the Denver Nuggets.

    A special occasion deserves special jerseys, and each team will wear new single color Christmas day jerseys for the games on December 25.