New England Patriots – Tim Tebow Deserves a Roster Spot

We’re never going to see Tim Tebow enter a season and be named as the starting quarterback of a team, but it seems he has done enough in the final game of the preseason to earn himself a spot as one of the backup quarterbacks for the New England Patriots.

With a 6-of-11 for 91 yards, 2 touchdowns and one interception, Tebow didn’t exactly put in the perfect second half performance  as the Patriots beat the Giants 28-20 as they ended the preseason with a 3-1 record in a game that’s usually about players fighting to find a final roster spot before they get cut.

Tim Tebow

Seeing Tebow trying to perform and show he belongs in the NFL was probably the most interesting thing in a game that didn’t really bring out too many things that show any sort of indication about the new season. Only about some players and their chances of avoiding the cut. If Tebow dosn’t make it into a roster this offseason, it’s more than likely it’ll be the last we see of him in the NFL.

Tebow once again impressed with his feet as he took off for six runs, going for 30 yards. The Patriots enjoyed a good day on the ground with 116 yards on 28 carries, with George Winn doing a good job with 54 yards on 14 carries, including a touchdown.

The Quentin Sims – Tebow connection drew most of the attention in the fourth quarter, bringing the Patriots back from a 14-20 deficit to win the game. Tebow’s first touchdown pass found Sims with about 30 yards to go after the safety overran his coverage, resulting in a 52-yard touchdown play. The second touchdown, with six seconds left in the game, was a 9-yard pass as Tebow found Sims inside the end-zone.

All training camp, me and Tim have connected on that a few times completely open. Coach put a big emphasis on wanting to do that, so it was good we connected.

Tim Tebow Throwing

Was this Tebo’w preseason redemption? He played poorly in the first couple of games and didn’t play in the third. Tebow isn’t fighting only his own faults as a player, but home fans who don’t really believe in him. Each incompletion was followed by a certain amount of boos. There are plenty of those who simply want to see him crash & burn, because of who he is and how he’s been covered in the NFL thus far.

Tebow is probably stronger than that. The only thing that will put him off the course of finding some playing time in the NFL again is Bill Belichick realizing this guy doesn’t have what it takes to be a third-string quarterback. When that kind of proclamation hits the air, it means a lot, and if Tebow falls from starter to unused backup to someone who can’t even make a team, than maybe his NFL career is truly over. However, he might not have done brilliantly, but he seems to have done enough to ensure a spot on the Pats’ final roster.

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