New England Patriots – Cary Williams Still Thinks They’re Cheaters

Cary Williams

Until Bill Belichik is no longer the head coach of the New England Patriots, players around the league will still refer to them as cheaters. Cary Williams keeps bringing the subject up (or just keeps answering certain questions about it), which should make things very interesting as the Philadelphia Eagles will hold joint practices with the Pats before their August 15 preseason game.

Last year Williams was removed from the joint practice after a scuffle with Aaron Dobson. The Super Bowl winning corner back has spent most of his career with the Baltimore Ravens, where it sometimes feels like they eat, sleep and drink something that breeds hatred towards the Patriots. A season with the Eagles hasn’t quelled those thoughts and feeling down within Williams.

I give them all the credit in the world, but one fact remains: They haven’t won a Super Bowl since they got caught. Did I say the wrong thing? No. I stand firm on what my beliefs are, and that’s just that. I didn’t tell a lie. At the end of the day, that did happen. It’s in the history books. As far as I’m concerned, I made a comment about it and that’s that. I don’t care if they come after me or not. That doesn’t scare me. My mentality is I’ve never been a punk, never been a sissy, never been a guy that’s going to be a scared guy. I don’t play this game in fear at all. I don’t fear no man. As far as I’m concerned, you put your pants on as well as I put my pants on. We’re going to man up when we get there.

Williams has also commented about the joint practices, thinking they were unnecessary. His head coach, Chip Kelly, didn’t make too much of those comments, only saying he thanks Williams for his insight before explaining why he thinks the joint practices were a good thing to go through.

Some things won’t change. It’s been seven years since the whole Spygate affair that eventually cost the Patriots $250,000, a first round pick while Belichick himself was fined $500,000. The Patriots not winning any Super Bowls since just adds fuel to the fire, insisting that without spying on other teams during practice there wouldn’t be the 3 Super Bowl rings they won in the beginning of the previous decade.

But the Patriots keep on winning. Some seasons it’s exceptionally good, some seasons it’s just OK, and they don’t go very far in the postseason. But there’s obviously a lot more to this team than dirty tactics on and off the field, and maybe seeing that success infuriates Williams and others. Seeing that success always fall short of its ultimate goal makes Williams and others quite happy as well.

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