New England Patriots – Tom Brady vs the Bizarro Him

Not having any kind of quarterback controversy (among other problems) like his rivals made it another easy day for Tom Brady. The New England Patriots have quite a few faults that might (and should) keep them from winning the Super Bowl, but for Brady and Belichick, there’s plenty in the arsenal to rule the AFC East.

Perfect days have come quite often for Brady during his career, and the futility of his sad looking opponents, the 7 loss New York Jets, doesn’t take a shred from his excellence for yet another year. Brady was exceptional after a slow first quarter, throwing three touchdown passes in less than 11 minutes. The fumbling Jets (five, four lost) helped kill the game in less than a quarter of an hour.

There’s plenty of talk about the problems the Jets have, besides Mark Sanchez not showing that he deserves the front spot instead of Tim Tebow. This team is slow and old in too many positions where youth and mostly speed rule. Tom Brady took advantage of every opportunity he had, finishing with 18-28, 323 yards, 3 touchdown passes and a passer rating of 139.4. Not perfect, but few could argue there was any room from improvement.

Diving deeper into the numbers shows just what a great day it was for Brady; he was 11-of-14 for 282 yards and two touchdowns on throws between the painted numbers Thursday. His 20.1 yards per attempt on such throws are the most the Jets have allowed in a single game in the last five seasons.

He was fantastic in the shotgun, lining up in the formation on 17 plays and threw on 14 of them. The Jets are known for being one of the more “welcoming” teams against the shotgun formation, entering the game allowing he league’s fifth-best completion percentage.

Brady’s greatness will forever be intertwined with Bill Belichick, who reached 200 wins (including the postseason) on Thursday. He needs just one win to tie Dan Reeves and five more to reach Marty Schottenheimer. Don Shula with 347 is waiting with the unbeatable mark at the top, but for a head coach that has won at least 10 games each year in 10 of the last 11 seasons and is already at 8-3 in 2011, reaching 347 isn’t that much of a long shot.

Many say the Pats won’t win and can’t win because the philosophy has changed. No more head coach-team-and-defense first. The Patriots of the last few years are about Brady, high powered offense and everything that goes along with it. Less physical, more finesse. It might not be good enough for a title at the end of the season, but it sure is impressive to watch the ride.

They have scored 190 points in their past 4 games. That is the most points scored in a 4-game span in a single season since the 1950 Rams scored an NFL-record 208 points from October 22-November 12. This was also the second time in franchise history they managed to score 35 points in one quarter: They scored 35 points in the 2nd quarter of a 59-0 win over the Titans in 2009.