New NBA 2K13 Trailer

So we’re about four weeks away from the launch of NBA 2K13, which besides having Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant on it’s cover, is gaining a lot of steam headed towards it unveiling due to the fact that both Dream Teams from 1992 and 2012 are going to appear in the game, an idea thought up by the game’s executive producer, Jay-Z.

There’s also some downloadable content that is pretty much an all-star weekend package – A Slam Dunk contest, Three Point Contest, Rising Stars Challenge, and the NBA All Star Game, coming to those who pre-ordered the game.

What’s new? Not that much. Simply slicker graphics, slicker game play, and having quite an interesting Los Angeles Lakers team to play with, although you could have always created that by editing the game on your own. Still, having it prepared for you like that always feels a bit more special.

Scottie Pippen was the only 1992 Dream Teamer who wasn’t in the game initially, with the creators unable to obtain his likeness. After widespread disappointment from fans over his absence, he was then added to the team roster, agreeing to the whole ordeal. Other non-dream teamers, featuring as legends, will also be playable in the game – Shaquille O’NealShawn KempWilt ChamberlainAlonzo Mourning Allen Iverson and Dominique Wilkins, although some of them will be DLC.