New York Giants Rumors – Trading Hakeem Nicks

Hakeem Nicks has caught 46 passes for 442 yards and 0 touchdowns so far this season, playing in 5 games for the New York Giatns
Hakeem Nicks has caught 46 passes for 442 yards and 0 touchdowns so far this season, playing in 5 games for the New York Giatns

The New York Giants and Hakeem Nicks failed to reach a contract extension agreement this offseason, which means there’s a good chance he’ll be traded before the deadline (After week 8), considering his free agency and how bad the team is doing, with plenty of teams, including the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions all have wide receiver problems, and might be willing to part with some draft picks.

Nicks has had one big game this season, catching 9 passes for 142 yards against the Philadelphia Eagles, but the Giants have lost all their games with or without him, and he still hasn’t caught one touchdown pass. The Giants did have some worries about Nicks’ future after his injury last season, but it’s really hard to gauge this season considering how badly almost every unit of this team is doing.

The question about Nicks is whether or not he’s a one-season rental before he tries and gets a new deal next season, or is he the player you trade for, no matter the draft picks it costs, in order to have a premier wide receiver on the roster for years to come. Before Victor Cruz signed his deal, many thought the Giants should focus on Nicks, who is the better receiver and a better endzone target.

Despite the Giants not saying anything official on the matter, there have been several teams looking to add the player, probably willing to give up a third-round draft pick for Nicks, especially if it vastly improves their chances of getting to the playoffs and succeeding there.

So who is there that wants Nicks? The Atlanta Falcons aught to be interested, with Julio Jones out for the season and Roddy White constantly injured, but that depends on the Falcons’ belief in their ability to actually make it out of the 1-4 hole they’ve dug themselves. A win in week 7, and we might see a trade to try and save this season. A fifth loss this year will mean they’re focusing on the draft.

But there are teams who are a bit more obvious as playoff candidates for next season. The New England Patriots are doing very well despite the terrible targets Tom Brady has lineup up in front of him. Surely someone like Nicks can make up for what he’s had to endure earlier this season, not to mention giving him a redzone target to make up for Rob Gronkowski not playing? The San Francisco 49ers have also struggled in their passing game, as injuries haven’t left Colin Kaepernick too many passing options. Trading for Nicks might get their passing game and versatility back to where it was last year.

The Green Bay Packers have lost Randall Cobb for most of the season, while James Jones is also injured. Even though Aaron Rodgers can make it work with anyone, adding some firepower to a team that didn’t have the best of starts this season might be a big bonus as they battle for NFC North supremacy. The Detroit Lions, in the same division, need more versatility and trusted targets besides Calvin Johnson, and they might be the likeliest of destinations.