New York Jets – Tim Tebow Getting Closer to Start

Mark Sanchez probably has one more chance left before the Tim Tebow train fully stops and takes over the New York Jets offense. From being the guy for Woody Johnson (Jets owner) and Rex Ryan, Sanchez seems to be the guy everyone’s waiting for him to fail.

The San Francisco 49ers crushed and humiliated the Jets in every possible way. It’s hard to say that Sanchez wasn’t at least partially to blame. He couldn’t have posted worst numbers – 13-29, 103 yards, 44.8% and intercepted once. He’s completed less than 50% of his passes so far this season, with completion ratios being his one advantage over Tim Tebow on the playing field.

Now, that’s gone. But it’s not like the Jets know what to do with a disgruntled Tebow. Everyone expected this to happen. For the Jets under Sanchez to do badly, because he’s not a good enough quarterback and the team around him not being good enough to hide that fact, while the crowd gets restless and wants to see the uber-popular, unorthodox Tebow behind center.

Tebow is unhappy because he said promises aren’t being kept. So far, he has only thrown one pass and rushed nine times for 38 yards and two first downs. The wildcat is hardly being used. The Jets admit they have a problem with it; with understanding how to use Tebow. We haven’t been as successful at running the Wildcat as I thought we would (Ryan). Tebow has been used as a blocker and as a receiver. The Jets look clueless and worst with every passing game, despite the 2-2 record.

And now come the Houston Texans, with one of the best and fastest defenses in the NFL, against an offensive line that can’t block and a team that virtually has no speed. Under these conditions, unless the Jets start playing double tight end and two more backfield blockers in their formations, Mark Sanchez is going to get crushed.

And then just like it happened in Denver, Tim Tebow will rise. The crowd will start chanting his name. The owner will start sending messages to Ryan. Rex Ryan will feel a vein somewhere start pulsating, unable to ignore it. Tim Tebow will take over the job behind center, which might not improve the Jets on the field initially, but it never hurts financially to have one of the nation’s most popular athletes, for whatever reason, on the field.

Hey, it might even save the Jets season. With Sanchez, you know what you’re going to get, and under the current conditions, it’s not going to be much. With Tebow, its a bit of a question mark behind a foggy, hard to see through window. In any case, it can’t be any worse than it was against the 49ers. With Tebow, the only way is up, it seems.

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