New York Jets – Tim Tebow Still in the Mix at Quarterback

Despite what we said a few days ago about Tim Tebow and his chances to still be a factor for the New York Jets and in the NFL in general, Rex Ryan is insisting that he still hasn’t chosen his quarterback for the 2013 season, and that Tebow, who some thought is never going to play in the position again, certainly not under the current Jets’ head coach, is in the mix for the starting position.

Just to remind you – Ryan showed no faith in Tebow whatsoever last season, giving him only 8 passing plays (completing six of those passes) while mostly using him in various roles, like running back, receiving options and punt blocker. He preferred Greg McElroy to start for Sanchez instead of Tebow, although it probably had to do, among other things, with Tebow’s rib situation.

Now, with a new season about to kick off with the NFL draft not too far ahead, Ryan, who some consider him to be a lame-duck coach this season with the Jets releasing every decent free agent they have, thinks it’s an open race for the quarterback position, although he knows it has to be better than last season.

I’m confident that we’re going to improve at that position. That position will play much better. That position will protect the ball better. I’m confident that we’re going to see that.

As you might have already heard, the Jets added David Garrard, who hasn’t really been in the headlines the last few years, into their mix of quarterbacks, and it’s not over yet, wanting to have five players competing for the job, with Kevin Kolb apparently also being considered for the position after he was released by the Cardinals last week.

We wouldn’t have brought in David if we didn’t think he could provide competition. Now, he hasn’t played in two years, and we recognize that. But the main thing is, when we go through the process, that we feel good about what comes out of it. About Kevin, If we feel that would help the competition, then that’s something we would look into.

Ryan must be sick of being asked about Tebow; he’s probably not to fond of him, as a player at least, as well. But despite being a fringe player, Tebow is still probably the most media-appealing player on the team next to Darrelle Revis, also making a lot of new recently with all of the trade talk and his contract demands.

He’s on the roster, and he’ll get a chance to compete. We’ll see how the offseason plays out, but right now Tim is on our roster.

Not promising anything for now, but the Jets still haven’t cut Tim Tebow. Without any trading partner willing to give them anything but a 7th round pick at best for the player, maybe it is better letting him stick around and hope he shows some progress as a passer once training camp arrives.

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