New York Yankees – Career Ending for Alex Rodriguez

Not a lot of people believed Alex Rodriguez when he said he hasn’t used Performance enhancing drugs beyond 2003, and now, with the news of his name appearing on lists from an anti-aging clinic in Miami that allegedly sold PEDs to MLB players, it looks like not only should the New York Yankees do everything in their power to get rid of his contract, bu possibly the end of his career.

Rodriguez is going to miss most if not all of 2013 after hip surgery, and has already hired a lawyer to defend his name, claiming he doesn’t have any part with the clinic that was already involved with Manny Ramirez in 2009, leading to a 50 game ban.

Once again, despite being a three-time MVP, hitting 647 home runs and a World Series, Alex Rodriguez’ career and his place among the all-time greats took a huge hit. Now, the Yankees will be doing everything in their power to look for a way to severe their ties with him, owing him another $114 million for the next five years.

Chances of somehow getting away from the contract? Slim. If MLB finds him in violation of the drug-testing agreement and he is suspended, the Yankess will conduct their own evaluation of Rodriguez. The outcome will probably say that a 37-year old player coming off hip surgery isn’t worth keeping. The problem is finding a way to get out of his contract.

The league does not allow teams to discipline players beyond the 50-game ban they can receive for violating the substance-abuse policy. There’s a chance the Yankees might find a way out through the premise of  Rodriguez breaching the contract by taking medical treatment from an outside doctor without the team’s authorization and the possibility that he might have broken the law by purchasing controlled substances.

Alex Rodriguez used to be hungry for glory – for titles, for big numbers, the home run record, the big money. He left Seattle for Texas in order to start chasing the home run dream. He left to New York and played for the Yankees to make money than anyone has ever made in team sports. He used PEDs, as it turns out, not just with the Rangers, but it’s becoming more and more likely that with the Yankees as well. His name is in the books of the Miami clinic, according to the Miami New Times beginning in 2009 and continuing through last season, with Rodriguez listed for HGH, IGF-1 and other banned substances.

Getting out of this? Doesn’t look like it. Rodriguez was already tarnished, along with half of baseball, due to the previous mention of his name, later admitting to it. He was never popular just for the person he was and his behavior. Now it turns out that all of it, every little thing he did well on the baseball field, was a lie. His career with the New York Yankees wasn’t going anywhere at this stage and still took a turn for the worst. It’s hard to believe anyone else would be willing to touch him after the dust settles.

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