Neymar – How Much is he Worth Now?

Nothing has really changed during the Olympic games. Neymar was an excellent player before them and regardless of whether Brazil win the Olympic gold by beating Mexico in the final or finish with silver, the young striker is the biggest name in Brazilian football at the moment and its most sought after talent.

With the news that Lucas Moura is going to PSG for €45 million, which everyone agrees is overpaying for him by more than just a bit and with Oscar, another U-23 teammate leaving Internacional to Chlesea for €25 million, how much will Neymar be worth once he does make his move, if ever?

According to Santos’ president, Luis Álvaro Ribeiro, Neymar is priceless. Just like Messi, just like Cristiano Ronaldo. He has a release clause of £57 million, but it’s hard to see anyone paying that kind of sum, even for him. Three goals for Brazil in the Olympic tournament don’t really change a thing.

Neymar’s contract runs out after the World Cup in Brazil, and Ribeiro has insisted that Santos won’t be selling him before that. It’s simple – Like all the other players who share their economic rights with some sporting financial group and especially with a superstar like Neymar, it’s more worthwhile keeping them until their contracts run out than selling them and seeing most of the transfer money going to a third-side partner.

Neymar’s salary, most of it not coming from Santos, makes him one of the highest paid players in the world when all endorsements and sponsorship are concerned, just like he would make in Europe. For him, it’s about the challenge of playing with the best and not just the financial upgrade, although you never know if the economic flourishing in Brazil will be a mainstay with its football forever. Crisis, at some point, affect everyone and reach everywhere.

PSG haven’t been acting according to the general rules this summer. In order to get premier talent to a league not many of the big stars around Europe want to play for, you have to use money to get your way. They overpaid Manchester United by 50% to get Lucas, a 19 year old who isn’t even playing in all of Brazil’s matches in the Olympics. Time will tell if this was a wise investment in the present and future of the club or just one huge flop the Qatari owners can write off.

With Neymar, it’s just not hat situation. He might be worth €60 or €70, it wouldn’t matter. We haven’t heard from him, ever, about wanting to leave Santos in the near future. He knows how good he is, and that maybe there’s no rush to get to Europe, especially with the World Cup coming soon and with some feeling the need to stay close to home and not risk losing their place with the national team while battling the hardships in Europe. Whatever his price may be, the likeliest situation is Neymar leaving Santos after his contract runs out.

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