Neymar Can’t Stop Scoring Amazing Goals

First there was the perfect counter attack with a touch of flair against Flamengo, and then there was the magical dribbling (and a touch of luck) against Coritiba. Neymar, despite all the criticism against him when it comes to the Brazilian national team, seems a bit too good for the Campeonato Brasileiro, despite Santos not exactly doing too well.

Despite the fact that life hasn’t been exactly perfect for the number one talent in Brazilian football of late, Neymar keeps producing amazing performances for Santos. The team is ranked 10th in the league, not being helped by the fact that Ganso has pretty much left the club, playing only one match since the national league began. But Neymar is too good, and probably cares about the club too much, to simply settle for mediocrity or worse.

Against Flamengo (battling relegation), Neymar picked up the ball midway through the counter attack, went by a defender with some nice and clever leg trickery before chipping over the keeper. Against Coritiba, it was silky movement through defenders and past the keepers, helped by a lucky bounce. Still, there are very few players in the world who have this kind of combination of speed and dribbling, and while Neymar isn’t Messi or Ronadlo, he certainly seems like a player who needs to be showcasing his talents elsewhere.