Neymar Performing the Gangnam Style Dance

Gangnam Style is everywhere, be it the music blasting everywhere you turn or someone preforming the dance as a spoof or for real. Athletes? Catching up slowly, but Neymar giving a few seconds of his dancing skills in the Santos locker room is certainly the best we’ve had so far.

Edinson Cavani did it first, but he was just waving his hand in the air for three seconds before letting go of the awkward goal celebration. Neymar really gets into it with a teammate, only for a short while, but still.

It’s been a bit of a rough week for Neymar, who was sent off against Gremio for intentionally stomping on a player. Neymar was kicked by Para, the player he hurt, but instead of just skipping over him and continue with play, he decided to get back. Neymar also recently spoke about diving allegations against him, saying that he stays up when he can, but he’s constantly being targeted by dirty tactics in every match.

At least he still find the time and the mood to have a little fun in the dressing room.