Neymar Films Final Santos Training With Camera on His Head

Before leaving Santos for Barcelona, Neymar decided to have a little fun on his final training session with the club and now former teammates, strapping a camera to his head and filming the entire practice, already releasing something of a teaser trailer.

Neymar uses a Go Pro camera, which is often used in extreme videos by cyclists or people that tend to jump off clips or go skiing off razor sharp mountains. The Brazilian star seems to be doing a lot of heavy breathing, but from the two minutes we’ve seen so far, nothing really special happens, although more material will be coming out sometime in the future.

The 21 year old star becomes the most expensive player in history to leave Brazil on a European adventure, joining Barcelona for the fee of €55 million, which should make him the most expensive player this summer, but we’re not in June even and according to the rumors circulating, one or two players will surpass him during the next couple of months.

Neymar Go Pro