NFL Free Agency – New England Patriots Lose Darrelle Revis

The New England Patriots really wanted to hold on to Darrelle Revis, but the best cornerback in the NFL preferred the big money the New York Jets were offering him. In other dilemmas, it seems that Frank Gore bolted completely from his Philadelphia Eagles obligation and instead chose to sign with the Indianapolis Colts.

Revis back with the Jets

Darrelle Revis

Darrelle Revis wants to compete for championships, but even more, he likes being paid like he’s the best cornerback in the league. So here is how the Jets seem to conduct business: Trade Revis away in 2013 because he wanted a huge extension and now acquire him in 2015 after two miserable seasons (for them, not for him), paying him that huge pile of money despite being two years older. But their incompetence didn’t stop Revis from signing with them.

The Patriots re-signed Devin McCourty and although it’s not the same position, it obviously had some influence on not holding on to Revis, and so far Browner as well. Revis signed a five-year deal worth $70 million. The deal will pay him $48 million in the first three years, including $39 million in full guarantees, a source said. The first two years are guaranteed — $16 million and $17 million, respectively. In 2017, $6 million of his $17 million salary is guaranteed. It also ties him with Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman for highest paid corner in the league.

So while the Patriots pass defense seems to have gotten a whole lot weaker, Shane Vereen hit free agency and signed with the New York Giants. The Patriots have been shuffling running backs for years, but Vereen was a very useful player in both the running and passing game. Beliechik obviously thinks it shouldn’t be a problem replacing him. Vereen also chose a team that’s in shambles when it comes to their offensive line.

Colts > Eagles for Frank Gore

Frank Gore

Frank Gore was about to sign a three-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles with $7.5 million in guaranteed money. But something put him off about joining the Eagles and playing under Chip Kelly. Some say it’s what he thinks (or someone told him about it) about Chip Kelly and his system regarding quarterbacks (not that McCoy had a problem putting up big numbers and getting touches). Others think it might have something to do with the quarterback situation in Philadelphia.

No arguing there, because while the Colts have problems on defense, Andrew Luck is a hard name to turn down. The money is better as well, with Gore making $12 million over the next three seasons, $8.5 million in guaranteed money. Interestingly enough, Frank Gore might be joined with another veteran offensive player, Andre Johnson, who has plenty of buyers around the league, but it won’t surprise anyone if he ends up playing for the Colts as well.

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