13 Best Memes of Aaron Rodgers & the Green Bay Packers Embarrassing Mike Glennon & the Chicago Bears

Rodgers hunting Bears

The era of dominance for the Green Bay Packers over the Chicago Bears continued on Thursday Night Football, resulting in similar memes to the one’s we’ve gotten used to over the years, only this time making more fun of Mike Glennon than Jay Cutler.

The Bears, despite their shocking win over the Pittsburgh Steelers last week, are a weak team, riddled with injuries, and currently starting a quarterback who has no business starting on a team that wants to win more than 3-4 games a season. Mitch Trubisky is waiting on the bench, but John Fox isn’t in a rush to put the former North Carolina star on the field.

And history changed too. The Bears, for years, held the lead in the head to head against their long-time rivals, but the Rodgers era changed all that, with complete dominance that’s lasted for more or less a decade. The Packers hold the series lead for the first time since the 1930’s, and from the state of the Bears, it might be a while before Chicago leads in this one again.

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