13 Best Memes of Trevor Siemian & the Denver Broncos Crushed by the Kansas City Chiefs

Siemian Trash

It’s been rough for the Denver Broncos since winning the Super Bowl. After a good start this season, Trevor Siemian regressed to the mean, and following his awful performance on Monday Night Football against the Kansas City Chiefs, the memes came overflowing with a desire to make fun of him and his team.

Siemian, who had a so-so first season as the team’s starter, had a pretty good beginning to this season. But after winning three games out of the first four, Siemian started playing like the 7th round pick that he was, and the Broncos have lost three in a row, still failing to win away from home this season.

He wasn’t the only problem, as Jamaal Charles and Isaiah McKenzie fumbled to lose the ball, but Siemian threw 3 interceptions in the loss, and already has 10 through 7 games this season. The voices calling to put Paxton Lynch on the field instead of him are back, louder than ever.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs look very comfortable on top of the AFC West, tied for the AFC’s best record, and also owning the only winning record in the division. Talk of winning the Super Bowl has calmed down, but they’ll be heading into the playoffs with more expectations than ever before if things keep going the way they have.

99 Interceptions

Ejaculate Siemian

Chiefs F U to the Broncos

Denver Donkeys

Our QB sucks

Broncos Fans want to forget

Broncos fans crying

Trevor Siemian Crying Jordan

Broncos Statue Crying Jordan

John Elway is not impressed

Sergio Dipp Vance Joseph

Broncos vs Chiefs