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12 Best Memes of the Dallas Cowboys Losing to the New Orleans Saints

Dak I'm scared meme

The Dallas Cowboys are undefeated no more. Which means that the favorite target for meme makers is back.

Does this mean the Cowboys aren’t for real? Nope. But it does mean their offense struggles when meeting a strong defense. The New Orleans Saints didn’t have Drew Brees behind center, which means their offense struggled as well. But for Dak Prescott and especially Ezekiel Elliott to look this bad has to be worrying.

And it’s nothing new. The Cowboys had their offensive ups and downs last season as well. Amari Cooper’s arrival via trade helped fix that, but it wasn’t working on their trip to New Orleans. Turnovers and a struggle to get into some sort of rhythm (except for one impressive drive in the third quarter) doomed them.

And the Saints? Their offense can’t be too happy about anything either, not while Brees is out. Bridgewater wasn’t terrible, but he wasn’t very good, as the Saints settled for field goals, which happened to be enough. The Cowboys have work to do on the offensive side of the ball, but so do the Saints, while that thumb heals up.

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