15 Best Memes of the Philadelphia Eagles Humiliating the Minnesota Vikings

Eagles Fans

The meme makers had a few things to focus on: The Minnesota Vikings and Case Keenum sh***ing the bed in the playoffs once again, the Philadelphia Eagles on the verge of finally winning one, or the team’s notorious fans.

Well, guess what: If the Eagles do go on to win the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history (they do have NFL titles), their fans will be even more obnoxious. It’d also make the NFC East the first franchise in which all four teams have a Super Bowl title.

What went wrong for the Vikings at Lincoln Field? Everything, but especially their defense, unable to stop Nick Foles on third down, resulting in yet more playoff heartache for a fanbase that has a lifetime worth of those.

Maybe Foles is the biggest story here. A quarterback who started his career in Philly, fell out of favor, was on the verge of quitting the NFL but then, as often happens in this league, an injury thrust him into the thick of it, and he’s been hanging on to that chance ever since. One more game, and it’s a 21st century fairytale.

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