19 Best Memes of Blake Bortles & the Jaguars Stunning Ben Roethlisberger & the Steelers

Wrong Playbook

The Jacksonville Jaguars went into their playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers knowing they already crushed them once in the regular season. Well, Bortles didn’t outduel Roethlisberger or anything, but the end result was the same, and the meme makers were having a field day.

So yes, a team with Bortles as its starting quarterback is in the AFC championship game. No, he isn’t elite, but he isn’t as bad as made out to be. Simply avoiding mistakes, and letting the defense do most of the work, making life easy for Leonard Fournette, rushing for 3 touchdowns in the 45-42 win.

The Steelers needed Big Ben to throw almost 60 times, and that’s never a good thing. He wasn’t beaten up like in his last encounter with the Jaguars defense, but once again, it was no cakewalk, even if the Steelers came within one field goal of sending the game to overtime.

What now? The Patriots are waiting in a playoff that resembles that 2007 season. The Jags don’t look like they’re good enough to beat New England, but they were never supposed to make it this far. And with Tom Coughlin pulling some strings, who knows? We might have another upset in the making.

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