15 Best Memes of Marcus Williams & the Saints Choking Against Case Keenum & the Vikings

RKO Marcus Williams

Unless something truly spectacular happens in the next three games, the play of the NFL playoffs will be Marcus Williams whiffing on the tackle, allowing Stefon Diggs to score a game winning touchdown for the Minnesota Vikings over the New Orleans Saints, which is what the memes focus on.

Williams went all in on a play, and it cost him and his team dearly. From an almost win after trading field goals, to going home on what some would consider a fluke play. Diggs was saved by Williams’ over tackle, and nearly fell out of bounds but managed to keep his balance.

Case Keenum will be one of three very unlikely quarterbacks in the championship games, along with Tom Brady. Unlike Foles (who hardly played this season) and Bortles (not very good), Keenum had a breakout year, which is funny to say about someone who is 29 and into his fifth season.

But the Vikings will probably be favored to win, despite the game being in Philly. Because of their defense, because of Diggs and yes, even because of Case Keenum.

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