6 Best Memes of the Los Angeles Rams Choking vs the Seattle Seahawks

Greg Zuerlein Meme

Yes, the memes following the Los Angeles Rams throwing away a win to the Seattle Seahawks made sure to focus on the refs as well. But there’s plenty of fault and ridicule towards Jared Goff’s interception and Greg Zuerlein’s missed field goal.

The Seahawks took back the lead in their 30-29 win with just under two and a half minutes to go. Russell Wilson found a stellar Chris Carson for the touchdown. From there, it was all about the Rams not taking advantage of two opportunities.

The first: An interception in the middle of the field. The second: After holding back the Seahawks and driving down the field to the Seahawks’ 26 yard line, Zuerlein missed a 44-yard kick. Game over.

But perhaps the biggest lesson learned from this game (and last week’s): Thursday Night Football isn’t necessarily a guaranteed bad game. The concept of short rest in such a brutal sport is evil, but good games do come once in a while.

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