16 Best Memes of the Refs Helping Tom Brady & the Patriots Beat the Jaguars

The 40-year-old goat

For once, we wish the New England Patriots could reach a Super Bowl without something casing a shadow over their legitimacy. Yes, Tom Brady played one heck of a fourth quarter to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, but the referees made huge contributions too.

From the way they ignored holds by the Patriots to the weird fumble dead play call that denied the Jags a touchdown, it once again felt like there’s more than football ability playing a part in getting the Patriots to the Super Bowl, which will be the 8th in the Bill Belichick – Tom Brady era.

The Jags will be remembered as the little engine that almost could. They played great until losing momentum late in the second quarter, and then continued playing as if they’re trying not to lose, instead of putting their throat on the jugular and finishing the Patriots off.

But that’s part of the Patriots charm. They never die. Like the Undertaker, always rising from that fake coffin and disappointing almost everyone. In a rematch of the Super Bowl from 13 years ago, the only one the Patriots won relatively dominantly, they have a shot at tying the Steelers for most Super Bowl wins.

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