NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles Sticking With Michael Vick Influences Others

After all the words being spent on the matter, Chip Kelly is looking forward to working with Michael Vick after all. Instead of giving up on the quarterback and heading into a very unknown future without one they trust, the Philadelphia Eagles restructured Vick’s deal, getting him for one more year.

The original contract signed in 2011 for over $100 million in six years? Gone. Vick signed a new one year deal that will make him close to $10 million next season. If the gamble on the injury-prone quarterback works, they’ll sign a new one, with a longer term in mind.

Vick played in only 10 games last season, getting hit even more than he’s used to. As good as Vick can be, nothing will really matter unless the Eagles sort out the mess they have in the offensive line, which was the building block that fell apart for them last season, leading to a 4-12 year and Andy Reid getting fired, while Nick Foles took over the quarterback position in the final weeks, not showing enough to make anyone trust him with the starting job this season.

One of the questions regarding Vick’s ability to succeed in Chip Kelly’s system is his problems with designed runs, the cornerstone of Kelly’s offense with Oregon. Vick has averaged 6.7 yards per rush on scrambles over the last couple of seasons, but only 1.7 yards per rush on on designed runs.

Another question that rises from this is how other teams will response. With Michael Vick off the board, all those looking for a quarterback (Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills) have one less veteran target to go after, which probably makes the stakes for Alex Smith a bit higher, or even Matt Moore, who isn’t the franchise quarterback type, but certainly someone who has proven he can start for a team. It might also push the likes of Geno Smith and Matt Barkley up the ladder in the different mock drafts, because someone is going to take a shot on a rookie quarterback in a couple of months.

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