NFL Passing Leaders Never Win The Super Bowl

Peyton Manning

Many people think that paying any attention to yard numbers in statistics as a measurement to a team’s success is simply being blinded by numbers. In support of that opinion, comes the whopping fact that no team with a quarterback that led the NFL in passing yards that season has ever won the Super Bowl.

Does it make sense? Not really. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner, to name a few, have led the league in passing yards. It just never happened in the season they went all the way to the Super Bowl and won everything.

So what does this mean about this year? Right now, Peyton Manning is way ahead of the competition with 4125 yards. He’s 300 yards ahead of Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions, a team no one considers as a threat on the way to the title, and 331 yards more than Drew Brees, who has led the NFL in passing yards four times since joining the Saints, including the last couple of years.

Other Super Bowl candiadtes? Tom Brady is 7th in the NFL with 3267 yards; Andrew Luck is 15th with 2793 yards; Russell Wislon is 17th with 2672 yards and Colin Kaepernick is 20th in the NFL with 2312 yards.

So unless the Denver Broncos shut down Peyton Manning for the rest of the season and allow Brees or Stafford to overtake him in the passing charts, it might mean doom & gloom once again to the team with the best record in the AFC. However, the Eagles-home-game Super Bowl thing seems to be broken, so maybe there’s not that much to be worried about.