NFL Preaseason Scores: Cowboys, Seahawks, Dolphins, Falcons

Russell Wilson

A short preseason evening with two injuries capturing the limelight, as Tony Romo was slow to get up from a big hit, and Julio Jones walked off limping. In terms of results, the Miami Dolphins showcased Arian Foster in a win over the Falcons, while the Cowboys weren’t too disappointed with their loss to the Seattle Seahawks, getting what they were looking for from the starting team, and especially Ezekiel Elliott.

Atlanta Falcons (2-1) 6  Miami Dolphins (2-1) 17: In what usually is the most you’ll see of a starting quarterback in the preseason, Ryan Tannehill was less than satisfactory once more, although it didn’t stop the Dolphins from winning, as Arian Foster ran for a touchdown to help the Dolphins take the lead. Matt Ryan, like Tannehill, threw an interception in his start, as the Falcons couldn’t score a single touchdown, gaining only 31 yards on the ground in 15 carries.

Dallas Cowboys (1-2) 17  Seattle Seahawks (2-1) 27: The Cowboys lost, but they’re mostly happy that the hit Tony Romo took wasn’t as bad after the initial reaction. Romo managed to complete one pass before being taken off, but the Cowboys still scored the first 10 points of the game, getting another example of how good Dak Prescott can be for them, throwing a touchdown pass. Russell Wilson looked good too, throwing a couple of touchdown passes, and his backup Trevone Boykin ran for one himself. Ezekiel Elliott looked very good with 48 yards on 7 carries, including some impressive moments of breaking tackles like there was nothing standing in his way.