NFL Rumors – Anquan Boldin Not Staying With the Baltimore Ravens

Despite catching a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl and in almost every playoff game this season, there’s a good chance Anquan Boldin will no longer be playing for the Baltimore Ravens in 2013, because by doing other necessary moves, they’re going to be way above the the salary cap.

Why? Well, right now, with Joe Flacco not agreeing to a long term contract with the team, they’re probably going to franchise him, which will put them $20 million over the cap. Assuming Ray Lewis retires, taking of his $3.8 million takes them to about $16 million over, with more players needing a renewal of contract – Ed Reed, who has already been mentioned with the New England Patriots; cornerback Cary Williams; pass rusher Paul Kruger and linebacker Dannell Ellerbe, who will probably be taking over for Ray Lewis in the middle, being the most likely to get a new contract. The Ravens don’t want to let go of Kruger, one of their two best pass rushers, as well.

So when it comes to receivers, resigning Boldin, 32, seems like a less likely scenario. Despite finishing the postseason with four touchdown catches in four games and has more postseason touchdown catches in the NFL since joining the Ravens in 2010, not to mention the fact that as always, their receiving core isn’t exactly booming with talent (Jacoby Jones might not be retained as well, leaving only Torrey Smith among the start wide-outs), Boldin probably won’t be with a team he just won the Super Bowl with next year.

The Ravens would free up $9 million in cap space by parting ways with Jones and Boldin, who have become the primary targets for pay cuts. However, if they really do part ways with both Reed and Williams, meaning they’re leaving a hole in the secondary, hoping to pull through with an NFL Draft that is more about talented defensive linemen than anything else and generally defensive players, it might leave Boldin with a chance to remain, despite his age and fading speed.