NFL Rumors – Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens & New Orleans Saints Interested in Drafting Maxx Williams

Maxx Williams

At the moment, Maxx Williams out of Minnesota is the number one tight end prospect in the upcoming NFL Draft, and might end up on teams that have a need at the position like the Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens and the New Orleans Saints.

The interesting thing about Williams, who played two years for the Golden Gophers, finishing with 61 receptions for 986 yards and 7 touchdowns, is that the closer we get to the draft, the lower his projected pick becomes.

Right now, many think Williams is a late first round pick at best, but some project him to fall into the second round.

Why? Because of things that are always problematic for young players who leave college early. Williams, only 20, has fantastic physical and athletic skills and very good hands, but his blocking and route running need improvement. Obviously, the tight end position has changed over the years and the best of ’em are usually receivers in everything but name.

Right now Williams doesn’t have any work outs and visits scheduled. His face to face at the NFL combine didn’t go so well according to reports, coming off as immature and finding it hard to answer some difficult questions. The Cleveland Browns who need help at tight end after losing Jordan Cameron might be interested as well, but they’re keeping their cards close to the chest.

Williams has a chance to improve his draft stock and turn himself into a first round pick once more. Then, teams like the Cardinals (24th overall), Ravens (26th overall) and the Saints (31st overall) might be those paying the most attention to how far and fast he falls.

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