NFL Rumors – Arizona Cardinals Interested in Drafting Logan Thomas

Logan Thomas

One of the more interesting quarterback prospects in the upcoming NFL draft is Logan Thomas of Virginia Tech, who had an excellent combine, which makes the Arizona Cardinals very interested in picking him.

Thomas didn’t have a great senior season like some expected from him, but that doesn’t change the fact that his physical attributes (6’6, 254 lbs) combined with having the strongest arm among the quarterbacks going into this draft, running the fastest 40 time among QBs at 4.61 in addition to producing the best vertical and broad jumps and second-fastest short shuttle time behind Manziel make him a candidate a lot of teams are looking into.

The Arizona Cardinals do have Carson Palmer, turnover machine, as their starting quarterback and there isn’t a name in this draft or free agency market that is good enough to displace him from the starting position. But starting to breed an heir, hopefully someone who can start in a year or two for the Cardinals when Palmer runs out of QB mojo?

Thomas, everyone agrees, is a raw talent that needs a lot of work. But working behind a solid veteran like Palmer while the Cardinals hopefully do a great job in developing him, especially his accuracy and mechanics, make betting on Thomas seem like a reasonable bet. He seems to be the quarterback with the most raw-ability in this draft, even if it means he’ll drop to be a third or fourth round pick.

The top 3, at the moment, seem to be Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortles. But more than three teams are looking to spend a pick on a quarterback, so Thomas might become a bit more interesting if the aforementioned trio gets taken early. The Cardinals are hoping they don’t have to waste a first or second round pick on Thomas, but by the time their name is on the board he might not be there for the picking.

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