NFL Rumors – Arizona Cardinals Interested in Carson Palmer

In order to get Carson Palmer two years ago, the Oakland Raiders needed to spend a first round and second round pick in the NFL Draft. Now, with the veteran quarterback on the verge of losing the starting job, there’s a chance a new home will be found for him, possibly with the Arizona Cardinals.

It’s not that Carson Palmer was so bad in 2012: He threw for over 4000 yards, 22 touchdowns and 14 interceptions, but the Raiders are 8-16 with Palmer as a starter, and the worst thing about the situation is that he’s due to earn $13 million in 2013, which means that unless he agrees to take a severe pay cut, he may found himself being released in the next few days.

Who’s want Palmer? Quite a few teams, of those remaining in need of a quarterback, none more so than the Arizona Cardinals, who had the worst passing offense in the NFL. It had a lot to do with the terrible offensive line situation, but it also had too much to do with Kevin Kolb and John Skelton not being good enough quarterbacks.

Palmer, even at his age an after the injuries he’s been through, will certainly be an upgrade for the Cardinals, who won’t go for him if he’s still due $13 million next season. What is possible, besides being released by the Raiders and then having the Cardinals pursue him in free agency is Palmer signing a new deal, way lower than the one he’s entering with into 2013 (maybe something similar to what they did with Michael Vick in Philadelphia), and then the Cardinals might acquire him via trade, with a low (fourth round and lower) draft pick possibly enough to make both sides happy about the trade.

In any case, it’s more than likely that even if Carson Palmer stays with the Raiders for a third season, he won’t be their starting quarterback, with Terrelle Pryor being primed to take over the position. At Arizona, Palmer won’t be able to succeed unless they tend to the offensive line situation, which was the worst in the league in 2012.

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