NFL Rumors – Arizona Cardinals & Miami Dolphins Want Better Fans

Vikings Fans in Arizona

A frustrating phenomenon for some teams in the NFL is having their home games feel like they’re on the road sometimes. The Arizona Cardinals are the latest to feel that trend and complain about it, while the Miami Dolphins have other issues with their fans.

In their recent game with the Minnesota Vikings (a 23-20 win for the Cardinals), it felt a lot like a Vikings home game during many minutes of the game. Whether it’s Cardinals fans selling their tickets or simply a game of numbers, which means that a few good seasons from time to time aren’t enough to erase a history that still puts the Cardinals as one of the least successful franchises in American Sports history, there’s plenty to be unhappy about for players and coaches who want to feel more of a home field atmosphere, especially with the playoffs just around the corner.

Bruce Arians made his opinion on the matter known: It’s going to take a little more time to stop seeing waves and just complete sections of the visiting team where you normally see Cardinal fans. I don’t give a [expletive] how much you get for your tickets, it ain’t worth it. And so did Larry Fitzgerald:  I want to get to the point where we don’t have that stuff in our stadium. 

Arians did also mentions he’s happy to see more and more Cardinals fans on road games, but even a team like the Dallas Cowboys has plenty of games in which it seems like Arlington has been invaded by fans from a different city. With the Green Bay Packers coming to town in a couple of weeks, it’s probably going to be another game in which the Cardinals feel like they’re playing on the road.

The Dolphins have a similar issue, and have taken controversial action against season ticket holders selling their seats to away fans. The team is letting multiple season-ticket holders they can no longer renew their tickets because they’ve resold seats too frequently on ticket exchange websites. Nothing promises the Dolphins the next set of season ticket holders won’t do the same, especially with the team finding it difficult to find success for so long.

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