NFL Rumors – Arizona Cardinals Trading With Minnesota Vikings Only Way Out for Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson

The Minnesota Vikings don’t want to let Adrian Peterson go, who doesn’t want to stay on the team, while the Arizona Cardinals are the only team out there willing to consider discussing an actual trade.

We’re only a couple of days before the 2015 NFL draft, but nothing is moving on the Peterson front. Not a word of maybe changing his mind about leaving the team, not from him or his agent. Not an intention showed by the Vikings, publicly at least, to try and offload him somehow, although rumors suggest there is an actual price for him, only it’s hard to believe anyone will meet it.

Right now, the Cardinals seem to be the only team in play for Peterson at the moment, but it’s not like they’re willing to fork over a first round draft pick and a cornerback to get him. Running is important, especially for a team that has been without a serious playmaker in the backfield for a very long time. And yet Peterson, 30 and with a hefty salary, is probably not worth all that hassle.

The Vikings feel like it’ll all work out in the end. Peterson won’t get anyone actually interested enough and he’ll stay, although financially, cutting him might make a lot of sense. But he’s still worth a lot of money to the team itself in terms of his popularity among fans. And the Vikings want to see him begin his decline before they actually let him go. Simply guessing at it through projections and talk about his age and the decline of running backs isn’t enough.

If you’re someone who likes to see reality through numbers, than the odds are probably 80-20 in favor of Peterson not moving anywhere. The Vikings don’t want to let him go and are asking for too much in return. It’ll be interesting to see if the player actually takes his plight against the team any further in the form of skipping workouts and training camps, when we get to that point.

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