NFL Rumors – Atlanta Falcons Getting Closer to Sign Richard Seymour

One veteran defensive lineman might not be enough for a team that’s planning on trying to win the Super Bowl next season. Richard Seymour has been on the shortlist for the Atlanta Falcons for quite some time, but it seems that they’re getting closer to adding the three time All-Pro defensive tackle.

While Seymour had his best season as a defensive end for the New England Patriots, he had been doing a very good job as defensive tackle for the Oakland Raiders these last four seasons, but the $13 million he was due to make in the 2013 NFL season for the Raiders was too much for them to endure, and they decided to release the 33 year old, who has been looking for a team for quite some time.

Richard Seymour

Some thought that after adding Osi Umenyiora and Stephen Jackson the Falcons, who are now $115 million against the salary cap, might have had enough with free agent signings, but they’re not too pleased with their defensive tackle setup that consists of  Corey Peters,Peria Jerry and Jonathan Babineaux. With the June 1 cuts soon to be upon us, none of them are going to be released, probably, but the Falcons are certainly looking to upgrade that unit.

The two sides have been upgrading the tendency of their talks, and although both the team and Seymour are signaling that nothing is imminent, it seems that the decision to sign for a contender might be close to being complete.

Seymour missed half of last season and is probably a bit slower and weaker than in the past, but his numbers and production as a DT for the Raiders were pretty impressive (18.5 sacks in 52 games), winning Pro Bowl spots in 2010 and 2011.

The Falcons are going all in for next season. They have the Matt Ryan extension coming up and might find themselves clogging their cap space for the next couple of years, but the chance to win a Super Bowl is now, with most of their key players in their prime, and feeling that they have a team that is just as strong, if not more, than the one that finished 13-3 last season and was one drive away from making it to the Super Bowl. An addition like Richard Seymour might be enough to give them that edge.