NFL Rumors – Atlanta Falcons Interested in Shonn Greene

No one seems to be arguing the fact that the Atlanta Falcons will be getting rid of Michael Turner, who’ll be looking for a new team next season. The question is, who is coming instead of him? There are many names and options for a future running back, but Shonn Greene of the New York Jets seems to be high on their list.

Greene, a four year veteran, had his second consecutive season of over 1000 yards, running for 1063 yards and scoring 8 touchdowns, although his average of 3.9 per carry isn’t what you’re looking for in your feature back. Greene’s main asset seems to be his size (226 lbs) and durability, which is drawing interest from more than just the Falcons.

Michael Turner ran for only 800 yards, a career low for him in a full season as a feature back, and the fact that he’s due $6.9 million next season will most likely get him cut from the team, looking for other pastures to roam in; maybe back to the San Diego Chargers?

The Falcons have faith in Jacquizz Rodgers, who ran for 362 yards on 94 carries last season, and is expected to get a lot more touches in 2013. Still, his size and relatively lack of another dimension in his game, a bruising dimension, is sending the Falcons to look into free agency for a back who can share the load with him. Reggie Bush has been brought up as an option, but there are questions regarding what he brings to the table compared with his salary expectations.

Greene is a much more durable player, and while he doesn’t have the ability, unlike Bush, to break out for big runs once in a while, they do have that with the elusive Rodgers. Greene, looking for his second NFL contract after four years with the Jets in which he has proven he’s a strong power-type back, might be the right choice to complement Rodgers in the backfield.

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