NFL Rumors – Atlanta Falcons Might go For Reggie Bush

Despite not going to get paid the amount of money he thinks he’s worth, Reggie Bush is a good running back to get for any team not looking for a workhorse of a feature back. If the Miami Dolphins don’t resign Bush, which is hard to tell at the moment, the Atlanta Falcons will be happy to get him.

The Falcons probably won’t continue their relationship with Michael Turner, as his $6.9 million salary for next season is too high for the production he gave them last season, and likely to give them in the future. Jacquizz Rodgers didn’t get too many touches last season (94 carries), but the Falcons are hoping he can become a number-one type back after running for 96 yards on 20 carries during the postseason. Still, the tiny 23 year old is going to need some help.

While the second round (and below) of the NFL Draft this year offers plenty of OK (or better) running backs to choose from, including Montee Ball who many are worried was overused during his time with Wisconsin, Reggie Bush, coming off his two best season with the Miami Dolphins and despite being a seven-season veteran in the NFL, including quite a few injuries during the earlier years, might be a better option.

As long as Bush doesn’t ask for too high of a contract, and he isn’t likely to, it’s pretty much up to the Miami Dolphins to make the move. Bush wants to stay with Miami, where he has run for 2072 yards on 443 carries over the last couple of seasons, scoring a total of 15 touchdowns. The Dolphins however, aren’t too sure if they want to keep the Super Champion from the 2009 season.

The Falcons were about 10 yards away from reaching the Super Bowl last season, as an injured Matt Ryan had no running game to count on and tried to force the win with his throwing, not having much of a choice. Getting a running back like Bush, who still has some zing in his legs unlike Turner, and provided one of the best receiving options any team has among its backs, might be the difference between almost and making it next season.

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