NFL Rumors – Baltimore Ravens Could Sign Charles Woodson

Now that it’s been made more than clear that Charles Woodson won’t be returning to the Green Bay Packers next season, it’s also time to figure out where he’s going to play next. Obviously, he’ll be looking for a team that can offer him a starting position, and with Ed Reed probably leaving, the Baltimore Ravens might be the perfect fit.

Two teams that seem to be drawing most of the attention when it comes to the hunt for a safety, although they’re not the only shoppers in the neighborhood, are the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens. The Patriots because of Ed Reed mentioning before the Super Bowl how he’d love to play for Bill Belichick, not to mention their actual need to improve in their secondary, one of the worst in the NFL last season, and also because they are known to take on veteran players others don’t believe in so much anymore.

If Reed does leave to the Patriots, as many expect he will because the Ravens just have too many players to re-sign and not enough money to keep all of their Super Bowl puzzle pieces together, Woodson becoming a starter at Safety for them doesn’t sound like such a ridiculous idea, especially with the lure of playing for a contender.

There are other teams that should fit the bill among those who qualified to the postseason last year – the Indianapolis Colts and the Washington Redskins are also in the market for someone to improve their secondary and start right away, with plenty of cap space to offer. Other teams, like the Atlanta Falcons, Houston Texans and the San Francisco 49ers are waiting for answers from their own impending free agents to know whether to pursue Woodson or not. The Seattle Seahawks have shown interest, but even if they do add Woodson to the mix, he won’t be starting for them.

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