NFL Rumors – Baltimore Ravens Interested in Signing Rob Housler

Rob Housler

Troubles when it comes to their tight end situation might lead the Baltimore Ravens to sign Rob Housler, a free agent and former Arizona Cardinals.

Owen Daniels left the Ravens to sign with the Denver Broncos. Dennis Pitta has injured his hip twice over the past two seasons, and it seems like his time as a contributing factor for the team is coming to an end. That leaves the Ravens with just Crockett Gilmore at TE, a rookie who caught 10 passes for 121 yards last season, targeted only 15 times in 15 games.

Maybe the draft is a direction the Ravens might turn to eventually, but it’s worth checking out the remaining scraps in free agency. One interesting option is Housler, a four-year veteran who has played his entire career with the Cardinals, drafted in the third round (69th overall pick) in 2011 after playing for Florida Atlantic in college.

Housler doesn’t exactly have eye popping numbers, but playing for the Cardinals can be deceiving, especially last season when their quarterback situation was up in the air due to injuries, giving even someone like Logan Thomas a chance to throw the ball (and fail at it).

Housler was pretty efficient in 2012 and 2013 with 84 receptions for 871 yards, but fell off to nine receptions and 121 yards last season in 13 games. He’s good in the blocking game and playing for the kind of offense the Ravens have (on a good day at least) can benefit his numbers. He’s more than stats, at least in this case.

This draft isn’t thriving with can’t fail tight end prospects, so the Ravens just might end up signing Housler, maybe the last remaining viable option in the free agency market, to fill a hole in a position they’re usually more than solid at.

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