NFL Rumors – Buffalo Bills Surprising to Find Out EJ Manuel Might be Their Best Quarterback

EJ Manuel

The third game of the preseason is often signaled out as the most important. So the Buffalo Bills getting a fine performance from EJ Manuel, which might land him the starting job.

Entering his third season in the league, Manuel has been competing for the starting job with Tyrod Taylor and Matt Cassel during the offseason, and has been mentioned more than once as someone who could actually be pushed out of the team if he keeps playing like he does. But those are rumors, and in game time, at least preseason game time, he looked more than ready.

Manuel finished with 7-of-8 for 170 yards and a couple of touchdown passes, playing five series. He found Charles Clay on a 67-yard touchdown play for his first, Tobais Palmer in the third quarter for his second touchdown.

Tyrod Taylor looked good as well as the Bills gave all four running backs, including Matt Simms, a run-through. Taylor didn’t throw any touchdown passes, but he did complete 12-of-13 for 122 yards while rushing for a touchdown himself. Cassel was 6-of-7 for 38 yards, Simms completed 5-of-5 for a touchdown. Rex Ryan didn’t have much to complain about offensively.

Fred Jackson looked good as well, rushing 48 yards on five carries with a touchdown. Jackson doesn’t like hearing about how LeSean McCoy is going to take over all the touches and carries, proving that there are other running backs worth considering on this team. The Bills beat the Steelers 43-19, but results don’t matter as much as ability at this stage.

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