NFL Rumors – Buffalo Bills Have Too Many Running Backs; Releasing Fred Jackson?

Fred Jackson

With LeSean McCoy, Fred Jackson, Boobie Dixon, Bryce Brown and rookie Karlos Williams on their roster, it’s quite clear the Buffalo Bills have too many running backs. One of them is going to get cut, and it’s probably going to be Jackson.

Why him? Because old running backs don’t last long in the league. He might be very popular with the fans and is a dressing room leader, but Jackson is 34 and hasn’t been very productive over the last three years. And there’s also the matter of cap space.

Cutting Jackson means freeing up $2.7 million in cap space without any dead money being left over. LeSean McCoy is obviously the man for the Bills now under Rex Ryan, while Bobby Dixon and Bryce Brown are hoping to win some sort of part on the team. Karlos Williams out of Florida State was a fifth round selection so there aren’t that many hopes projected on him. And still, young and promising is better than old and worn out.

Jackson ran for just 525 yards last season (3.7 yards per carry). In fact, over the last three seasons, he’s rushed for just 1852 yards, averaging 4 yards per carry and 49.6 yards per game. He did split carries with C.J. Spiller when the latter was healthy, but Jackson isn’t likely to get any better, and with so many backs on the team, his cap number might seal his fate. It’s unlikely anyone else in the league will actually pick him up; not when the value of a running back is at an all-time low.

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