NFL Rumors – Buffalo Bills Interested in Drafting Ryan Nassib

Ryan Nassib

Despite already adding one quarterback, likely to be their starter in 2013 and already proclaiming he wants to win a Super Bowl with the Buffalo Bills, the team isn’t content with just Kevin Kolb, and re hoping that they can get their hands on former Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib, although the decision to take him in the first or second round seems to be the problem at the moment for the franchise.

No one really thinks Nassib is a player worthy of the number 8 pick, despite an excellent senior season with the Orange, finishing with career highs in yards, touchdowns and passer rating. Still, if the Bills think Nassib is the best player out there for them, why risk waiting for him to slide till the number 41 pick (their second draft pick) and take him there? There’s more than a slight chance that some quarterback-needy team might pounce on him by the end of the first round or early in the second.

While Nassib might make a decent insurance policy behind the injury-prone Kolb while he develops into a more reliable NFL quarterback, others think that the Bills, who have big needs at linebacker and wide receiver should try to improve their situation there in the first round with a player who can make an impact right away, instead of a project for the future like Nassib.

Another option for the Bills is trading up (or down) to get a lower first round pick and take Nassib somewhere below 20 and gaining more draft picks from someone else. It’s all a matter of how much they eventually think he has a future and chance in becoming their next starting quarterback in two or three years, while hoping there’s enough talent in this draft to answer their other needs.