NFL Rumors – Carolina Panthers, New York Jets, San Diego Chargers & Houston Texans Interested in Drafting Jarran Reed

Jarran Reed

Part of this fantastic quality & depth class of defensive linemen is Jarran Reed coming out Alabama, picking up a lot of interest, including from the likes of the Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans, San Diego Chargers and New York Jets.

Reed played two seasons for the Crimson Tide after he transferred from¬†East Mississippi Community College. In both his seasons under Nick Saban as part of the best defensive line in college football (at least in 2015) he didn’t put up huge numbers, but was a very disruptive force against any team trying to run up the middle vs the Tide. He finished with 4.5 tackles for a loss and one sack last season, accompanying his 57 tackles.

Reed is going to be great as a run stuffer just by being in the right place and any team looking for that kind of player can probably start him right away. He has the potential to be a much better pass rusher than he is right now, but he doesn’t turn corners well and can only pass rush in a straight line without any trickery. Demolishing offensive linemen in one on one is going to be much more difficult for him in the NFL, and so right now, it’s hard to believe anyone is looking at him thinking they’ve got themselves a great pass rusher up the middle. Alabama often took him out of the game on passing downs.

But that flaw alone isn’t enough to keep teams from selecting Reed in the first round, probably after the 20th pick, although the Chargers might be hoping he falls a little bit further unless they plan on making some sort of trade. Pass rushing might be a sexier role and trait, but teams need a DT who fills up space and doesn’t let anyone get by, and Reed does that part very well.

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