NFL Rumors – Charles Woodson Might Retire Pretty Soon

Charles Woodson

Age matters more to teams than proven ability, as we can see in the case of Charles Woodson. The future hall of fame defensive back has been performing very well for the Green Bay Packers at his advanced age, even when he was switched to safety last season. All the teams that showed some interest in him earlier in the off-season: New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers and Houston Texans have all addressed their secondary situation through the draft or free agency.

Where does that leave Woodson? He’s 36, coming off a season in which he played only 7 times for the Green Bay Packers. He did a good job as a safety, and was quite effective a as a cornerback all through his 30’s, making the Pro Bowl four consecutive times from 2008-2011 and being a First Team All-Pro in 2009 and 2011. Woodson might be hold, but he is certainly capable of playing a part in any kind of scheme and position he’s put in.

However, teams around the NFL don’t think so, and if the situation and interest in him doesn’t pick up soon, Woodson might start thinking about retirement. The only hope left for him as that any team with a minor need in the secondary might try and pick him up, but the salary demands and expectations might be different for both sides.

All the team with glaring needs at defensive back have taken care, more or less, of that issue, while those who haven’t are looking at younger players, who can surely contribute for more than one season. Woodson is a proud NFL champion, and even a minor role might not be enough for him. Instead of trying to beg for a job, he might prefer to simply call it a career and retire after 15 excellent seasons in the league.