NFL Rumors – Chicago Bears, Alshon Jeffery Likely Staying Together

Alshon Jeffery

The Chicago Bears finish another season at the bottom of the NFC North, partially struggling due to Alshon Jeffery missing almost half the season along with Kevin White, who didn’t play a single game in what should have been his rookie year. The Bears would still like to keep Jeffery, something that wasn’t so certain when this season began.

Jeffery, after two seasons of over 1000 yards receiving in each, playing in just nine games, finishing with 807 yards and four touchdowns, although he did average 89.7 yards per game, the highest of his career, while posting 14.9 yards per reception. A pro bowler in 2013, it’s quite clear the 25-year old is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL when he’s healthy, and the Bears believe there are no long term issues with his health, which means pretty soon it’ll be time to sign him for a number of seasons.

Earlier on in the year and before the season began there were no discussions between the sides, but Jeffery probably wants to stay in Chicago under the new coaching staff. How much will he demand? That’s a good question, and it’ll probably take one or two other re-signings or free agency moves to see what he’s going to be asking for. No one is talking about the franchise tag right now, but that’s always an option, although an expensive one.

The Bears looked like they might be able to make an impact in the playoff race before losing four of their final five games. Keeping Jeffery and creating a fearsome wide receiver tandem with Kevin White is one of their goals for the offseason and 2016, but with the two of them looking more and more like guys that’s difficult to trust to stay healthy, it can’t be the only thing the Bears focus on in their retooling of the offensive side.

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