NFL Rumors – Chicago Bears Interested in Drafting Brian Schwenke

Brian Schwenke

At the moment, former California Center Brian Schwenke doesn’t look like someone with something too exceptional to offer except for his toughness and effort he puts on the field each time he plays. For the Chicago Bears, looking at the potential second rounder to become the successor to Roberto Garza once the 13-year veteran becomes a free agent and possibly retires at the end of the 2013 season.

According to scouts, Schwenke isn’t the kind of player who is going to have an immediate impact, and that’s why the Bears, who have brought him over for a visit, are looking to draft him with a late-second round (50th overall). Schwenke, by all accounts of scouts and former coaching is the kind of guy who’s willing to learn behind someone like Garza, hopefully making himself ready to be a starter for the team by 2014.

One of his biggest problems is recognizing pressure on the quarterback a bit too late. He does rather well as a run blocker, despite not being exceptional in his size, but does tend to realize just a bit too late where secondary pressure on the passer might be coming from, which is something that won’t work in the NFL unless he improves that during his understudy season in 2013.

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