NFL Rumors – Chicago Bears Not Done Making Changes

Willie Young

The Chicago Bears are no longer winless, but no one is counting on special success this season. We’re going to see more players who are or used to be starters being put on the trading block. The next one might be Willie Young.

The free agency signing in 2014 isn’t getting a lot of time in the 3-4 system that the Bears have been using this season. He just doesn’t fit being an outside linebacker. Just like Jared Allen, who got his wish and was traded to the Carolina Panthers. Young, making $2.45 million this season with a $3.16 million cap hit (next season as well) is in the same position, and is trying to push his way out of the team, asking for a trade and get somewhere he can find himself some playing time.

Young, a 7th round pick in 2010, was a starter for the Detroit Lions in 2013 and had a pretty good 2014 for the Bears, picking up 10 sacks in 15 appearances. He has just one tackle in three games this season, and it’s quite clear he is of no use to the Bears, while the money they’re paying him could be better spent being saved or going elsewhere.

The Bears are not padding the bottom of the NFC North because the Detroit Lions have been just as bad and slightly unlucky as well in what has been a disastrous start to the season for them. The Bears are probably the inferior team, but negative momentum sometimes overrides such proclaims, and a narrow win like the Bears had over the Oakland Raiders (22-20) can suddenly turn this season into something a bit better than expected.

Their lineup of games, or at least the next three: At Kansas City, at Detroit and at home against Minnesota, is probably soft enough to create some optimism for a team that needs a major overhaul regardless of how this season ends.

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