NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns Interested in Drafting Derek Carr

Derek Carr

One of the most quarterback needy teams in the NFL draft are the Cleveland Browns, and against earlier predictions of the names they are most interest in, Derek Carr coming out of Fresno State might be their pick with the number 4 overall selection.

There are quite a few teams heading into free agency and the NFL draft looking for a quarterback. The Browns are the 4th overall pick, but there are two teams picking ahead of them with the same need: The Jacksonville Jaguars and the Houston Texans.

It’s never easy to find a single name at the position everyone agrees will be picked first, especially in drafts with good but no one looking like a lock to be a franchise quarterback like Andrew Luck or Cam Newton. So while many think Johnny Manziel, especially after the combine, is going to be the number one pick, at least among quarterbacks, there are those suggesting that the Browns are headed in a different direction.

Carr hasn’t been mentioned as a high pick, but according to, the Browns want to use their second first-round pick (26th overall) on Carr, while their fake interest in Manziel is nothing but a smokescreen. Carr was quite successful in a pass-happy system under¬†Tim DeRuyter. He threw for 5083 yards, 50 touchdowns and 8 interceptions in his senior season, leading the NCAA in completions, passing yards and touchdowns.

His career 68.2% completion rate is the highest ever in the Mountain West conference, and the same goes for his career passing efficiency. Obviously, a mid-major conference isn’t the best indication for NFL success, but in College Football is? A lot of scouts and GMs prefer his size and some of his passing abilities to Manziel’s improvisational style, which might work wonders in college but doesn’t exactly fit the NFL.

The Browns were 29th last season in yards per attempt by their quarterbacks at 6.4, with only the Ravens, Jags and Bucs doing worse.

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