NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns & Miami Dolphins Interested in Brent Grimes

If it wasn’t for his Achilles Tendon Rupture, there’s no chance Brent Grimes would still be available, but as it happens, he still is, which means the former Atlanta Falcons cornerback is drawing a lot of interest from quite a few teams around the league, especially the Cleveland Browns and the Miami Dolphins, wondering whether to give him a long-term contract, or settle for something shorter.

A pro bowl corner in 2010 with the Falcons (his only team since 2007), Grimes played only once in the 2012 season, due to an injury that takes about a year to recover from, usually not coming back as good as before. His 2011 season was hurt by injuries as well, which took Grimes away from the status of one of the best corners in the NFL, and the desire of the Falcons to franchise him like in the past.

The Falcons are still interested in bringing Grimes back, and so are NFC South rivals Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the two teams aren’t willing to give him anything long-term, unlike the Browns, in the lead in the race for his services, and the Miami Dolphins, both prepping to make an offer with a few years on the contract instead of limiting it to just one year.

Grimes visited the Dolphins before the went to Cleveland to give the Browns a visit. According to sources, the AFC North bottom feeder has the upper hand at the moment when it comes to the better offer, but the Dolphins are still in the mix, willing to raise their suggestion to Grimes, who is halting the signing with Cleveland just for that reason.