NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns Seeking to Trade Brandon Weeden

Having a quarterback heading into his second year after a not disastrous rookie season isn’t such a bad thing to own, but Brandon Weeden will be turning 30 during the 2013 NFL Season, and it seems like the Cleveland Browns might be willing to give up on him and look for a trade pretty soon.

Not too fast, though. Trading Weeden for pretty much anything will leave the Browns with Colt McCoy, not the quarterback of their dreams, and not something they won’t to rely on. All the talks about Alex Smith at the moment mean nothing, despite the Norv Turner connection and Smith looking for a place to start in. If the Browns see they can get their hands on either Smith, Flynn or maybe even Matt Moore, there’s a chance they do dump their Weeden project after only one season. If they don’t, don’t be so quick to expect the former MLB hopeful to play for another team.

And who would want Weeden? His 14 touchdown, 17 interception rookie season wasn’t too promising; he threw for 3385 yards, averaging only 6.5 per attempt while completing 57.4% of his passes. The new management team at Cleveland, consisting of Mike Lombardi and Joe Banner don’t think too highly of Weeden. Problem is, probably most of the GMs in the NFL think the same, at least when it comes to his credentials as a starter.

A team going for Weeden as their starter will probably be a tad desperate, meaning they failed to get Smith or Flynn through a trade, and don’t really feel confident about the quarterbacks coming out in the draft. According to some draft experts, if Weeden would have been coming out in 2013, there would be a real debate whether to pick him, Geno Smith, Matt Barkley or Mike Glennon as the top new quarterback. Maybe a team like the Arizona Cardinals or the Kansas City Chiefs, both pretty much wanting a new fresh slate of names at QB, will go for both Weeden and a rookie, seeing who comes out as the winner in training camp.

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