NFL Rumors – Dallas Cowboys Interested in Signing Michael Sam

Michael Sam

It’s not quite clear if Michael Sam is going to have an NFL game on his resume by the time this season ends. However, he’s getting closer to at least being signed on a team, as the Dallas Cowboys intend of bringing him in to be used on their practice squad, which might open up opportunities for bigger things.

Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams and despite putting in a good preseason effort, he was cut from the team, not even making it to the practice squad. Some suggest that Sam has a problem getting a job not because of his sexual preference but because of the media circus, with fingers pointed specifically at ESPN, that comes along with him just being part of a team.

The Cowboys are never shy of media attention, so adding Sam and getting more coverage for it just sounds like a regular day. The only thing that should matter is how good he is playing football. With 11 tackles and three sacks in his preseason overall performance, many think that he’s good enough to at least be on an NFL squad.

The Rams have the best and maybe deepest defensive line in the NFL, so it’s not that surprising that a late draft pick with certain weaknesses in his game didn’t find a place among the team’s defensive ends. But the Dallas Cowboys? They were the worst in the NFL last season defensively, so Sam makes a bit more sense on their roster.

DeMarcus Lawrence, their rookie defensive end, a second round pick, has been put on injured reserve with a designated to return tag, meaning he’s going to miss the first eight games of the season, recovering from preseason surgery. Jack Crawford was signed to take his place on the roster.

If Sam does sign with the team, it’ll mean that someone will be cut from the practice squad becasue after adding offensive tackle John Wetzel and defensive back Jemea Thomas, they have 10 players on their practice squad.

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