NFL Rumors – Dallas Cowboys Ready to Make Plays After Tony Romo Deal

Maybe a bit too late, but the Dallas Cowboys finally restructured their deal with Tony Romo, making him the highest paid player in the history of the franchise, while making some money available to pursue the remaining free agents, not to mention get a chance to sign their top priorities in the upcoming NFL Draft.

After not talking for too long and being left with only $51,000 in cap space before making any move at available players, mostly busy restructuring deals and tagging Anthony Spencer, the Cowboys finally got the deal done with Romo. For how much? A six year extension for $108 million, which means a 7 year deal in total worth $119.5 million. The Cowboys managed to save about $5 million going into 2013 by giving Romo $11.5 million instead of $16.8 million for his final year of the original contract, including it in a $25 million bonus.

While Romo getting richer, just like Joe Flacco, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are now with other huge deals coming the way of quarterbacks, the more important thing in this matter will be the Cowboys’ ability to make some moves – they signed Justin Durant on a deal worth $4.4 million for two years and former Steelers safety Will Allen. Now they’ll be attending to signing Anthony Spencer on a multi-year contract (he’s looking for about $8 million a season), clearing some space from the $10.6 million he’ll be making next season on the franchise tender.

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