NFL Rumors – Dallas Cowboys & Seattle Seahawks Interested in Signing Jared Allen

Jared Allen

One of the most productive pass rushers in the NFL, Jared Allen seems to be in something of a crossroads in his career, and is finding it very difficult to choose the next team he’ll play for. It seems right now that it’s either going to be the Seattle Seahawks or the Dallas Cowboys that end up signing him, but things might change.

Allen isn’t taking anymore visits, and has returned home to think about things, and talk about his next step with his wife. He most recently visited with the Cowboys, who don’t really have too much money to offer him, but might be the number one team on his list at the moment after they’ve released players and made some changes to contracts to have some room for new signings, like Henry Melton coming from the Chicago Bears.

If the one thing Allen cares about is a ring, the Seahawks are obviously the way to go. They’re still one year away from finding life very difficult with a lot of players demanding (and deserving) an extension that also includes getting paid a lot of money, so obviously the defending Super Bowl champions have mroe than just a slight opportunity to be in the thick of things next season. This isn’t the Ravens case who deliberately blew things up after winning against the Niners in early 2013.

Allen will be turning 32 next month, and there isn’t too much time left for him to chase that ring, or at least be a meaningful player doing so. He can still get paid, a lot, but not like he did before, and obviously certain priorities change after a while, especially after 10 seasons in the league. Being from Dallas orignially might be another deciding factor in this final choice.

Allen has been in the league since 2004, playing for the Chiefs until 2007 and since 2008 playing for the Vikings. He has 128.5 career sacks; second among active players and 12th all time. He hasn’t had less than 11 sacks over the last seven seasons, and he has led the league twice: With 15 in 2007 and with a career best 22 in 2011. He is a five-time Pro Bowl selection and has made All-Pro teams four times.

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